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Activate American Express Credit Card

In 1850, the company was founded. AmEx was started as an express mail business in Buffalo, New York. Activation of card is necessary to use benefits of the card received in the mail.

As soon as your ordered card arrives at your place you need to activate that card for using the benefits of that card. Without activation, that card will be of no use.

In this article, you will read how to activate your American Express credit card in different ways.

American Express credit cards like any other credit card can be activated online or over the phone like any other activation of card method.

If you are already familiar with the credit card activation process of any other company then you will definitely get a quick idea of how to do it after reading this article.

American Express Credit Card Online Activation

American Express Credit Card can be activated via the online process for this you must require one internet gadget like a phone or laptop or tablet and a good internet off-course.

If you are handy to the internet and do surfing over websites then this process will be very easy for you and if you are not either you can still try this.

Online process or you can go for activation of American Express Credit Card over the phone.

  • Go to
  • After the above website is open, now you need to enter your credit card number and the 4 digit ID which you find on the back of your American Express Credit Card.
  • Now you will be asked for personal information to verify your ID and that’s it.

Activate of American Express Credit Card Activation over Phone

If you are handy for internet surfing then I recommend using activation via the online process because via phone activate it may take time some time to connect with one customer support person due to heavy queue.

For activation over mobile you need to:

  • Check the backside of the card and there you will find one mobile number where you need to call.
  • When you will be connected to the customer support team, then they will verify it’s you by asking for personal information.

American Express Credit Card – FAQ’s

Question: Where can I find the customer support number for activation of the card?

  • Answer: You can find that number on the backside of your card.

Question: After what time I can activate my credit card after receiving it?

  • Answer: The moment you got your card you can start your activation of the card process.

How to request for American Express Credit Card?

If you want to get American Express Credit Card then you need to do the below steps:

  • Visit
  • Check all credit cards available on this website, as per your requirement which one is best for you.
  • After selecting your card, you will see apply now button there.

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